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Thursday, June 07, 2012

mentally drained


alhamdulillah, 3 down, 3 more to go!
it seems like final exam spirit is slowly getting away. come on! pls bear with me.
i have another 7 days here and after that i'll be free for 2 months holiday. yeeehaa!

for the time being, i've to put my effort to the max for equity & trust II, company law & land law
they really screwed me down with hundreds of provisions & cases to memorize
and i can't even memorize the easy one
how final exam make my life miserable. urghhh!
anyway, i have dinner treat from my senior tonight
sis, thank you for dinner plate set + pokkits
may Allah repay your kindness and ease you in whatever situation you might be.

and also lucky me, every morning and night, my abah will always text me
ask on how the final exam went and give support for remaining papers
when i was about to give up, he always said,

"sabar la long, macam abah jugak, awak kena tabah untuk kesenangan kelak."

i'm touched! that's how i've being motivated by my abah and ma
i've to be strong, i've to think of my dream car and superbike, dream of luxury living
i can't easily give up, even if i'm not among the top scorers, but i can beat them
we entered law school with same qualification, if they can, why not me?

not to forget my other hero, thanks for always have time while you're in need
thanks for your support, morally and materially
can't wait to see you.

to friends and family,
thank you.

- xoxo -

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