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Friday, August 05, 2011

Suji-Suji GA Contest | Aku dan Baju Kurung

assalamualaikum wbt.

I've been tagged by Miss Fizah to join Suji-Suji GA Contest 
although today is the last day to join this contest but I just wanna try
if you guys wanna join this contest, kindly click the banner below 

actually this contest just need you to upload picture with your baju kurung
and make a short & simple entry about the contest
the story behind the baju kurung is an advantage for you , if any
you'll be selected as a winner based on 
# best picture
# best dress
# best posed

and also you'll be impressed with the prizes
1 st winner >> Cotton Viscose
2 nd winner >> Cotton Gold

and this is me with my baju kurung or to be more precise, my baju raya
 special thing about the baju kurung, I sewed all the manik & labuci by my own
although it is so not like 'baju butik-butik sangat'
but still it being praised by my family because of my hardwork :)
and the funniest thing is my dad said that I was looked like 'pokok pisang' 
when I was wearing this baju kurung. bhahaha!

I hope that the Cotton Viscose will be mine as the prize for becoming Aidilfitri
Happy Blessed Ramadhan!

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