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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

jangan nak sibuk-sibuk

I wish I can say that I am busy as this image…
 I believe my close friends will say that I am anti-social by now..hahaha
 In fact, I can’t remember exactly when I went out with them last..
Movie? Forget it lorrr! I haven’t watch Ngangkung, Khurafat, 2 Alam and whatever box-office movies 
that have launched by now..Shit!!

Too many things happened at one time and I feel overwhelmed..
Seriously, Yeah, I still visit some friends and some of my family members. 
But it’s getting rare..No time, no money..How pathetic can my life be?
At least I don’t have major crisis in life for now yuppp..
Some of my friends need to deal with sickness and disease and I pity them. 
I am grateful at most. But still, at time like this I wish I am back in school time
where I had my chances of happiness despite the dull boring life of hostel.

babai! :D

-Nik Imana-


  1. ape yg memang??? ko g mane dah lama x nmpak..hehehe..:D

  2. memang aku tgh kebulur..hahaha..
    aku bz doe ngab keje..aduh..

  3. eleh..keje pun x kaya2 gak..muahahaha!!!
    dah kaya nnt bgtau aku, senang aku nk mintak sponsor..:D

  4. biasa la tuhhhh, student mmng gitu :)