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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Section 66 of Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984

hye readers!
some info regarding maintenance (nafkah) of wife in family law that i read just now
just wanna share with u because it's quiet interesting to be explore 
especially for ladies outside there
at least u know your right in marriage
on what u can claim from your husband
jewelleries? money? car? shopping expenses? anything..hahaha...

66. Power of Court to vary orders for maintenance.
The Court may at any time and from time to time vary, or may at any time rescind, any
subsisting order for maintenance, whether secured or unsecured, on the application of the person in whose favour or against whom the order was made, where it is satisfied that the order was based on any misrepresentation or mistake of fact or where there has been anymaterial change in the circumstances.

hahaha..this is so funny man!
 u know why? in the very simplest sentence
this section stated that the wife can go to court and claim to raise 
the amount of maintenance if her husband's salary increase...
(mmng x leh blah la, cuba bayangkan ek, isteri bawak bakul pasar yg penuh ikan ngan sayur tu, terkedek-kedek heret anak jalan pergi mahkamah jumpa hakim sbb nak suruh mahkamah ckp kat laki dia supaya naikkan duit nafkah dia setiap bulan sbb laki dia dah naik gaji tp sorok kt dia..hahaha..)

u have to accept it man!
all husbands outside there
my advice to u, it's better to maintain your salary 
or if not you will get headache with your wife
claim for more money for shopping!!!
really pity on you man!!! hahaha...

p/s: to my beloved future husband, i will love you more if u can buy me
a white exclusive Nissan GTR and a white Blackberry Storm
just that two things, not too much..hahaha..

till then,
bubye! =)