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Saturday, April 10, 2010

i don't want to become a lawyer

regarding my previous post, about the layman's perception towards lawyer, i think many of you didn't get what is the message that i want to deliver. but it's okay.

i agree to some of you who says lawyer might use some dirty trick to win the case, so that makes the lawyer a bad person. but, still you don't have right to judge a lawyer based on their client.

lets say, you have been caught with red-handed. you killed someone and you admit it. you have confess that you are guilty but none of the lawyer want to present for you in court. can you present for yourself in court? can you submit the evidence by yourself in court? can you bring witness by yourself? NO, that's why you need lawyer. not to defend you but to present for you in court. remember, defend and present is not the same thing.

later, in court, judge will hear submission from both; prosecutor and your lawyer. then, it's the job for the judge to decide. if the judge held that you are innocent while he knows that you are wrong, than it is the judge fault, not the lawyer. and if the judge decide that you are guilty, do you think the prosecutor will be happy and lompat-lompat saying "yes, aku menang kes ni". NO.

okayy okayy. whatever lah your perception towards lawyer, i'm not gonna say anything. actually, i'm studying law but i don't want to become a lawyer. there's a lot of branch relating to law, not only lawyers. plus syariah lawyer would be the same. i just bring up this issues for those who want to become a lawyer, not for me.

aku nak keje kat kt ofis je
keje kt palace of justice pun xpe
xnak aku masuk court..huhuhu..
(mcm la aku hebat sgt)

-Nik Imana-


  1. but then..if u noe dat ur client is guilty n all the evidences were not on his/her side..n he/she r paying a huge sum of money to represent him/her..will u still take the case??
    will u still stake ur value or so called 'stand' of a law and order??

  2. it's only to represent, not to defend..so, it's in da right track..

  3. buu then..u still contributing something rite..nevertheless..rite or wrong??

  4. wuwuwuwuw..mls nk komen...=)