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Monday, December 14, 2009

no one is above you

Actually, relationship can be describe as "a room"
there has always been a doorway in a relationship
A doorway that makes you enter
A doorway that make you leave
It always open and anybody can come in and out of your life
without prior notice...

You paint the room with any colors you want
that fits both desires or you just let it be a white painted room
Expressionless, empty and dull
You fill in with things or
let it be as empty as your hearts are...

But the most important thing is:

It is best to have a lover
who in the first place dragged you into this room
hold u tight in his arm
and every single time you feel lost
and something's missing and when that happens
you wish to escape
he is there to quickly chase after you
to not let you walk away and leave him alone...

To my honeybee Iskandar
gonna miss u so much dear
i'll keep waiting 4 u to come back
always pray 4 ur success
gud luck honeybee!!!



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